• Choices of Information Filter Press:
Information filter press adopts screw jack as pressing system.
1Compact design and simple building.
2.Simple to operate and maintain.
3.worth saving.
4.Model: 320mm, 450mm 630mm .
5.Filter area:1-40m2.

Working Principle of Information Filter Press:
Beneath stress, the filter chamber consists by filter plates and the solid-liquid separation will rely upon filter materials. The filter plate is manufactured from strengthened polypropylene, which is with the extreme energy, delicate weight, big corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, It has many advantages, equal to: low cost design, simple building, reliable effectivity, helpful use, easy restore and so forth. Information chamber filter press may very well be extensively used for the solid-liquid separation in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, meals and environmental security industries, which is of giant utility and extreme adaptability.

  • Hydraulic Plate and Physique Filter Press

Choices of Hydrualic Plate and Physique Filter Press:

1.Giant pressing drive(17-20MPa) can avoid leakage efficiently.
2.Hydraulic station adopts ABB motor, it is common in operation.
3.Auto closing and auto opening.
4.Labor saving.
5.It particularly apply to fashions with big functionality, it’d most likely assure good filtering affect.


Introduction of Hydraulic Plate and Physique Filter Press:

Hydraulic plate and physique filter press consists by the host (rack and the filter chamber), hydraulic parts and electrical parts.
1) host half: there are two beams whose ends are respectively fixed on two sides of head plate and hydraulic cylinder, that is the rack. On the beams, there vertically droop and put together filter physique, filter plate, and filter materials, which consist the filter chamber. And the filter chamber can horizontally switch alongside the beam. Head plate is hinged with a piston rod. And the top plate dolly strikes pushed by hydraulic cylinder to press filter physique and filter plate. When attain the working stress of hydraulic station, rotating the locking nut to handle stress. Then flip off the motor, then begin feeding provides and filtering. Know more about filtro prensa
2) hydraulic system: hydraulic system consists by hydraulic auxiliary parts (oil tank and oil filter), hydraulic pump, valve, hydraulic cylinder and pipe, and so forth.
3) electrical components: electrical components are put in on the exact side of the tank, and the administration issue is put in on the exact side of oil cylinder seat.

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